Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Art Journal of 2014: First Page

During last weeks I have read more about a zillion techniques, among them Art Journaling. Still a lot to learn... But as older people say here in Finland: You never get ready (in life that is). Maybe it's only for good, to know you aren't supposed to become all knowing?

Well for this year I've "challenged" myself to fill a book in kind of an-art-journal-way.
So far I've realised that I really should start more pages because otherwise I'll never finish! ;-) Putting them together along the year should be fun too.

At the moment there's one page quite ready and another I plan to continue soon...

Last but not least: A blog that I found today that relates to this subject and of course, is very inspiring: Peony and Parakeet!

A Postcard for the Faces theme

After a short pause I'm taking part again to Sunday Postcard Art -challenge.
The current challenge is Faces. I think it's a fun subject because an artist can use only few lines and still capture person's character...

Here's my card, in 6 x 4 inches:

I think I name it "Bow Ties Are Cool". I didn't plan to make a fan art piece of Doctor Who, but the face just appeared on while painting with watercolours. :) That helped to design the surrounding area with stamps collected from various places.

Thanks for visiting!