Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mixed Technique Drawing - Metallic Details

I think I finally did something worth framing - this is almost finished so it's safe say it out loud. ;)

As a part of home decoration project I have gone through my drawings and paintings. Most of the finished pieces are soon 10 years old! I'm sad to admit but they don't inspire me as they used to. And I find more mistakes from them... Maybe you know the feeling?

Well it was obviously time to get something new and fresh done! I'm really interested of mixed techniques right now, but have only little experience of it. With this work I wanted to push myself to that direction.

As a subject I chose Tribal Fusion Belly Dance as it also inspires my imagination right now.

Oh and I'm taking part to Paint Party Friday with this piece. :)

I found out that the stamping inks go well together with watercolour pens. And the water based inks are a lot of fun with wet paper!

Some textures in the picture are made with stamps as well as some details (such as keys and dragonfly). I think I really got a better hold of metallic gel pens I have.

Here are some details:

Going to take a small break from this before I frame it. Maybe that will help to find anything worth fixing.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you have a very inspiring New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time to Relax and Enjoy Winter Hobbies

This weekend I got a head start by one day, which I really needed. I've tried some new stuff both in baking and crafting. :-) Both are nice ways to spend time indoors. We have had some chilly wind here is Southern Finland few days.

The new thing I've interested in is quilling. I saw some photos of beautiful quilled decorations a week ago. Last Wednesday I happened to find a tool for quilling from sale!

My first work is a snowflake, a pattern taken from here. Thanks :)

Since I used copy paper the outcome wasn't good for window decoration. Instead I made a card out of it.

This certainly needs more practise! What I also intend to practise is making gingerbread dough.

They look fine but could have more spices. :) I love to use those old moulds that I got from my mother.

There was one success in my weekend - muffins! I filled these with (frozen) strawberries and white chocolate crush. Yum! First time I also used baking soda instead of baking powder. And yes - there is a difference in size.

I still have some baking and gift shopping to do, so I have a good reason to go out today to admire the falling snow. :)

Take care and enjoy the season! x

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Sketches of a Fairy Painting

Hello again! Last October was quite a stressful month in work so I've rested a lot and let blogging wait. Now was as good time as any to break the silence.

The only craft project I worked on was a painting for a Finnish drawing competition. I hope I have a chance to win some quality drawing products. ;-) I actually sketched a lot for it. Here's two pretty advanced sketches - one that is in my art journal, the other on a single sheet.

As you might guess I started with acrylic colours. It required a gesso-based background paper. I really wanted to work little details more. and enjoy some drawing, so I changed the medium.

This one is less dramatic but more interesting on details. I added some of them with oil pastels and watersoluble metallic pens. This paper is 200 g/m2 and recommended for mixed media but it couldn't absorb all the water. In nature the background colour actually looks as dull as in here. I'm glad I tested it so I knew the final work would require more heavier stuff.

I think I'll show the final work later. I'm not sure when I hear how the competition went, but I tell as soon as I can. :-)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Art Journal Tryouts

After last months intensive face painting & drawing I decided to take few days break from artist stuff.

But I have to confess that the break did not last long. ;) I have been trying out some new stuff on my art journal...
The gesso based pages are not made for watercolours but the effect looks fun!
The upper one has a thick gesso base and the lower a thin layer.

And I'm also preparing for Halloween-time... :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 Faces: the remaining ones

Time to publish the last faces of 29 Faces challenge. This month has gone more quickly than I thought. I've enjoyed the challenge very much! It gave me a reason to explore what I can do, more self-confidence and many interesting blogs to visit (also in future)! Big thanks to Ayala Art blog for making everything possible!

In this last post I show some experimental faces and present even the ones I don't like. But it's now or never to go for all the crazy ideas. :)

The process was unlike anything I normally do. I started with acrylic colours. First I spread two colours on a large plastic cover, and before they dried pressed a paper on top and lifted it quickly. Although I tried to create something that would look like a face, it went quite badly. In my second attempt I used only one colour. I spread a thick layer of it as evenly as possible and drew lines in wet ink before pressing a paper into it. That went more like I wanted - not a total mess.

#23: From the first attempt. Because it didn't look like a face, I painted the black and grey areas afterwards with liquid ink. Still, this just doesn't look good.
#24: Second attempt. The frail lines I drew with the wrong end of a paintbrush.
#25: Number 24 quickly redone with my cheap image editing program. Normally I use the program just for turning images straight... :)

#26: Another one from the second patch. Painted the lines with paintbrush and fingers.
Afterwards lifting the paper I saw the ink blots. Didn't mean to make her cry, sigh...

#27: The last one from the second patch. Tried to leave some areas unsharp.

 #28:Continued the #27 with acrylics that I thinned down with water. I really like how the undertone and texture are dimly visible. Even though the area of mouth looks odd this seems better than the original.

#29: Finally I present an experiment of another kind, one that cheers me up! I mixed up two medium, oil pastels and watercolours. I also spread the pastels with some linseed oil. (I think she looks a bit like Lena Headey, the actor of Cersei Lannister in GoT.)

Thank you for all who have been visiting and commenting! You have made my day more than once and been very supportive! I hope I'll see you around. :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

29 Faces #21 & #22

I do very little model sketches these days, so yesterday I decided to go for it.

First I found a newspaper photo of a man who has somewhat sour expression. It seemed almost exaggerated, thus perfect for drawing.
Face #21:

Then I chose a totally different person. This young Indian is from a collection of digitalized historical photographs. I saw the link in SL Scheibe's blog, thanks for the tip! The photograph was taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1905.
Face #22:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

29 Faces #18, #19 and #20

Here are some not-so-planned faces for the 29 Faces challenge...

18th, of subconscious messages. I had fun doing this a step by step, whatever came to my mind.
As you can see I used a lot of techniques and pre-cut paper shapes. That's too big list to start at this hour...

19th was a quick watercolour work that I didn't like earlier, but now it's better with ink lines.
20th, today's version of an old sketch from my notebook. Redrew her with watercolour pencils.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

29 Faces #17

Wow, there are around 300 people taking part to 29 Faces challenge now!
So much styles too see and blogs to visit... :)

Ayala asked how we are doing, and for me the challenge is going fine. I still feel excited!
My 17th face is now ready. I take no pressures over the schedule even though my free time is limited. I just wish I could use more time visiting others. The comments cheer me up and mean a lot, and I try to do that to others too.

Well, this is my latest outcome: She does not look like me but I felt like I put a piece of myself here. That's probably because my thoughts take flight alike every now and then...

I experimented with stamp images and my own drawing. Learned many things of how to combine those. I guess I'm happy with result - watercolours and stamping colours mixed up nicely. Even the white ink I used for butterflies and some details looks good. I also added some metallic and shiny gelly pencil colours just for fun.

Thanks for visiting, hope you're enjoying the challenge! x

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

29 Faces: #14, #15 and #16

Today I got carried away by Scribbler Too. I'm a bit tired so this not-so-serious test was a lot of fun.

Managed to pull out some faces too.

14th face: scribbling produced a woman sewing something.

15th face: I like to think he's a fairy native to desert...

16th face: this lady I named Cinderella. She's going to the ball to meet the prince!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Faces of Nature

Glad to be back after lovely weekend!
I'm little late with the 29 Faces challenge, but fortunately inspiration still keeps flowing. :)

11th beastly face, a werewolf I guess...

12th, face of Spring:

13th, a feline face:

Drew these with watercolour pencils and spread colours with water.

Thank you for visiting, x

Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Way to Live in a Moment

What a great challenge theme - Dance!
It's one thing I enjoy whenever there's a chance for it!

Sunday Postcard Art challenge has this lovely theme this week - thank you!

I'm not sure if I succeeded with the colours. Normally I use less colours, but this I wanted it to be as full of joy and excitement that I can show...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

29 Faces #9 and #10

Is it 11th of September already? I feel like time flies with this challenge. I guess that's good! :)
Yesterday I decided to do some sketches about my favourite artist, Sting. So unlike my previous faces, these two sketches are based on photographs.

Face number 9

Face number 10

My first version of number ten was pretty awful so I tried to slow down the pace. The wet black ink wasn't easy to handle. I also skipped my usual routine of drawing the main features with pencil, just to see how this medium behaves. It's actually fun to make something with a loose touch! You can't stuck to details. Now I try to ignore the errors, that his nose is too short and the upper lip too big... Probably I'm the only one noticing those spots. ;)

This was great practise for the project I've been planning. One of my records of Sting misses the cover because my boyfriend managed to pour some drink on it with horrible outcome. :( The pages stuck together totally. Ever since that I have wanted to make a new cover or some sort of small booklet. It could be a cool do-it-yourself project!

Monday, September 9, 2013

29 Faces #8

I planned to make something bigger with a harder medium last weekend, and on Sunday got started.

I chose the acrylic colours because the oil colours are nowhere to be found... (Must have packed and carried them to storage some time ago.)
I don't normally do the hole work with acrylic colours, rather just fix background or details.

I had this sketch from Friday as my starting point. I really liked it and wanted make more out of it.

And there was a little twist... At the time there came a documentary about Incas which gave an idea how to move on! Tonight after work and cooking I finally got finish this piece:

Unfortunately the scanner left the dress too red and bananas way too yellow. Anyway I must admit I'm surprised that this looks as good as it does! :-)

After working so long with one piece, I gave myself permission to relax the rest of this evening. I'm getting on with the challenge tomorrow. (Starting fresh with no plans!)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

29 Faces #7

New face is here again!
I'm continuing with the oil pastels. I really start to enjoy them. :) I tried what happens, when you thin down oil pastels while using black paper. Turns out that does not look good, and after spreading the colours they just look foggy and loose their glow. I was relieved that the result was easy to fix because I had started to like the character.

This face is more close to the fifth face than sixth.

29 Faces #6

Today I continued with oil pastels, but now thinned them down with some linseed oil as planned.

There are some features I would change, but I decided to stop making corrections before the paper was totally covered. I like how the white paper shimmers through thin colour layers.

Thanks for all the comments, they mean a lot! It's nice to hear feedback when trying out new things. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fairy Painting in Frames

I'm glad to finally present my latest bigger project: fairy painting in frames. I had such a fun time with it. :) I made this for a "secret fairy" friend swap and this is the first time I get to tell about it here.

I'd like to take part to following challenges:
Lexi's Creations: "Anything but a card"
Inspire Me Fridays 119: "Anything goes!"
Southern Girls Challenge: "Make Believe"

I wanted to use same theme for the painting and the frames. I decided to go for a "Summer in river bank" -theme based on my fairy sketch.
Last Spring I went to a course of Emmo. There I learned using gesso, stamps and acrylic colours all together. It helped to make the frames since I have never done those before. The gesso was great base for stamping and painting colours. To make the result water resistant I brushed two lyers of decoupage finish.

Materials of the painting:

Watercolour pans & pencils
watercolour paper 200g/m2

Materials for the frames:

Dragonfly board stamp
Water resistant green ink pad
Acrylic paints
Decoupage finish

Thursday, September 5, 2013

29 Faces #5

This fifth face took me more out of my comfort zone.
When I got off from work today, I decided to grab some coloured papers from book store. One of the papers

As I was reading Ayala's blog I noticed she dared everyone to try at least one new thing. So that's what motivated me this evening to create a colourful portrait to dark blue background with oil pastels.

It's fun to collect ideas for future faces. In my to-do-list there are at least...
- charcoal and red chalk with coloured paper
- oil colours
- acrylic colours
- finger painting
- stamping; art journal-like...

In weekend I might have time to test the more time consuming techniques. :) Yay!

29 Faces #4

Hello again!

The 4th face comes here:

The watercolours seem stuck on my desk, lol!
In this picture I used the pencils very little.
It was fun to do the hair with a thin paintbrush.

Thanks for looking! x

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

29 Faces #3

Yesterday was quite busy with my dance lesson and all, so this aquarelle is the third face I've made for 29 Faces -challenge.

I used watercolour pencils and watercolour pans (not sure if that's what you call it). Surprisingly hard but it's fun to see how water creates effects. :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

29 Faces #2

:) Great to have new followers for this blog, welcome all!

To catch up with 29 Faces challenge I drew this joyous woman.

I think using pencil is the oldest technique I have been practising. Still it's challenging...

29 Faces: The 1st.

I have been hoping I could get a chance to take part to 29 faces -challenge. Now I noticed the challenge is running in this September, yay! :) Since a little I've enjoyed drawing faces. They are so challenging and yet intriguing. Nowadays I don't draw them as often - but this is a good reason to continue.

To the point! Here's the 1st face of September:

This is actually an ATC card sized picture. I used black ink and watercolour pencils to make it.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Card from Violet and Black

I was excited to find a new challenge which had colour combination violet/black as the current challenge. Violet and its tones are my favourite colours!

This challenge blog is Paperminutes.

Here's my card - could not resist the Halloween mood when I came up with this happy little Vampiria flying up. :) It's been a while since I  drew a vampire character. My inspiration came from a fantasy book series that I was fond of being nine years old: The Little Vampire.

Details: I painted the patterned background paper with acrylic colour to make the pattern stand out better. The vampire picture I drew with black ink and coloured with violet watercolour.

Glad you came to peek out this card, x

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Glimpse of This Summer

During this summer I had "crafter's block" if you could say so. I kept all the fabrics ready but struggled to get anything fit together.
 Anyway, I at least got done some congratulatory cards and maybe they helped me to get on with the hobby. :) I guess also the holiday time offered some new places to relax and see things differently.

Here's a name day card...

One birthday card...

And a card for house-warming party. :)

A new favourite place of mine where my fiancé's family's summer cottage near the water. :)

We circled the area a lot with bicycles, and saw some beautiful sailing ships too:

Thanks for looking! Have a lovely autumn!