Saturday, September 7, 2013

29 Faces #7

New face is here again!
I'm continuing with the oil pastels. I really start to enjoy them. :) I tried what happens, when you thin down oil pastels while using black paper. Turns out that does not look good, and after spreading the colours they just look foggy and loose their glow. I was relieved that the result was easy to fix because I had started to like the character.

This face is more close to the fifth face than sixth.


  1. Your face is so effective against the black background, and I like the faded effect. Never seen pastels used so effectively before.

  2. Maybe mr Fith was so lonely that He was missing someone like He.
    I like the black backround, too, and blue shadows.
    It is good to try everything...maybe it is my tearn now ;-)

  3. Upea maalaus, taidokasta värien käyttöä. Hänen olemus ja piirteensä ovat kauniit ja persoonalliset.

  4. Great profile, and she looks great against that dark background! Keep having fun with those oil pastels!

  5. Mahtava yönkuningatar, upeasti tehty!

  6. Aina vaan paranee nämä liitupiirrokset. Mitähän seuraavaksi?


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