Saturday, September 21, 2013

29 Faces #17

Wow, there are around 300 people taking part to 29 Faces challenge now!
So much styles too see and blogs to visit... :)

Ayala asked how we are doing, and for me the challenge is going fine. I still feel excited!
My 17th face is now ready. I take no pressures over the schedule even though my free time is limited. I just wish I could use more time visiting others. The comments cheer me up and mean a lot, and I try to do that to others too.

Well, this is my latest outcome: She does not look like me but I felt like I put a piece of myself here. That's probably because my thoughts take flight alike every now and then...

I experimented with stamp images and my own drawing. Learned many things of how to combine those. I guess I'm happy with result - watercolours and stamping colours mixed up nicely. Even the white ink I used for butterflies and some details looks good. I also added some metallic and shiny gelly pencil colours just for fun.

Thanks for visiting, hope you're enjoying the challenge! x


  1. Upea maalaus. Tässä on paljon muutakin kuin kauniit kasvot, ilmeikkyyttä ja tunnelmaa.

  2. Nätti kesätyttö haaveilee tupasen ikkunassa, näin mie näen.
    Sulla on mahtavan monipuolisia kasvoja, joista tykkään kovasti!

  3. Kivasti tyylitelty kokonaisuus. Mietteliäänä kasvojen ilmeestä päätellen on hän :)

  4. I think this is gorgeous! A pensive but thoughtful face and the colouring is just lovely. Really nice art piece!

  5. Nice to hear your interpretations! :) Thanks for sharing them! x

  6. Really? Over 300 people? Not nearly that many links show up on my computer....This is a great picture. I really like her expression. She is calm, but interested. I like the stamp images on it as well. Lots of interesting things to look at.

    1. Well, apparently a half of that amount comes from facebook, if all the blogs are listed. Ayala wrote about this on the home-page:


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