Thursday, September 5, 2013

29 Faces #5

This fifth face took me more out of my comfort zone.
When I got off from work today, I decided to grab some coloured papers from book store. One of the papers

As I was reading Ayala's blog I noticed she dared everyone to try at least one new thing. So that's what motivated me this evening to create a colourful portrait to dark blue background with oil pastels.

It's fun to collect ideas for future faces. In my to-do-list there are at least...
- charcoal and red chalk with coloured paper
- oil colours
- acrylic colours
- finger painting
- stamping; art journal-like...

In weekend I might have time to test the more time consuming techniques. :) Yay!


  1. Jeee, tämähän on vallan mainio persoona. Hyvä ilme herralla ja mikä tukka! Loistava työ :)

  2. I think, too, that We shuld practice all teknics. This is very good start. Handsome hair!
    I have desided to use pastels and red chalk would be nice, too.
    But finge painting?? No, but art-journal, yes...

    1. I think I'll combine finger painting with other things, you'll see! ;)

      Taidan käyttää sormimaalausta värinlevitykseen painopintaan ja jatkaa toisella tavoin, hankala selittää tätä ajatusta etukäteen :)

  3. Vasi, you did such a great job with the oil pastels, not an easy medium.

  4. Hi Vasi, this is a wonderful character, that hair is crazy! :)


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