Wednesday, September 11, 2013

29 Faces #9 and #10

Is it 11th of September already? I feel like time flies with this challenge. I guess that's good! :)
Yesterday I decided to do some sketches about my favourite artist, Sting. So unlike my previous faces, these two sketches are based on photographs.

Face number 9

Face number 10

My first version of number ten was pretty awful so I tried to slow down the pace. The wet black ink wasn't easy to handle. I also skipped my usual routine of drawing the main features with pencil, just to see how this medium behaves. It's actually fun to make something with a loose touch! You can't stuck to details. Now I try to ignore the errors, that his nose is too short and the upper lip too big... Probably I'm the only one noticing those spots. ;)

This was great practise for the project I've been planning. One of my records of Sting misses the cover because my boyfriend managed to pour some drink on it with horrible outcome. :( The pages stuck together totally. Ever since that I have wanted to make a new cover or some sort of small booklet. It could be a cool do-it-yourself project!


  1. Very interesting ink work, because it so difficult to work with ink, and your loose style with this is excellent. I could recognise Sting, and like them both, and I never noticed that in the second painting his nose was too short and his lip too big. I imagine he would be pleased with this painting.
    I have not tried painting a face in this way with ink, and I must make myself brave enough to try it one day now that I have see the good results you created.

    1. Thanks Jez, I'm glad to hear these gave you courage to try out the ink. I'm sure you'll get a hang of it too.

      I would be so happy if also Sting would like these, I've been his fan since 17 years old! :) Seen his two concerts in Finland and have good memories of those.

  2. These are fantastic ink sketches/paintings! I have zero control with ink unless it comes in a Micron so I admire your skill and restraint here. I totally blob whenever I pull out my inkwell. I can easily see that it's Sting you've drawn. Super likeness :)

  3. Both sketches are very well drawn. I like the bold and expressive You have touch. Also a light and dark is wonderful play, especially the first painting.
    Ink is interesting color, I like paint with some nature straw.

  4. Interesting idea. I like your varied styles.

  5. I'd say these were very successful! I like how you've handled the ink, and certainly the looseness.

  6. They are both wonderful paintings! I am happy to see them and for your success with them both. Great work:)

  7. Great ink sketches! And working (fast and) loose is such Good Practice!

  8. Upeita muotokuvia ja komea on mallikin:)

  9. Niin hienoja että, vie ihan sanattomaksi "meikämamma tuhertajan" :)

  10. Your art work is wonderful and so varied, so following your blog. I found you from Rose @ What I Made Today. How gracious of her to let us share our blogs and meet each other.

  11. :) Big thanks for your kind words! Trying to update some faces today...


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