Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 Faces: the remaining ones

Time to publish the last faces of 29 Faces challenge. This month has gone more quickly than I thought. I've enjoyed the challenge very much! It gave me a reason to explore what I can do, more self-confidence and many interesting blogs to visit (also in future)! Big thanks to Ayala Art blog for making everything possible!

In this last post I show some experimental faces and present even the ones I don't like. But it's now or never to go for all the crazy ideas. :)

The process was unlike anything I normally do. I started with acrylic colours. First I spread two colours on a large plastic cover, and before they dried pressed a paper on top and lifted it quickly. Although I tried to create something that would look like a face, it went quite badly. In my second attempt I used only one colour. I spread a thick layer of it as evenly as possible and drew lines in wet ink before pressing a paper into it. That went more like I wanted - not a total mess.

#23: From the first attempt. Because it didn't look like a face, I painted the black and grey areas afterwards with liquid ink. Still, this just doesn't look good.
#24: Second attempt. The frail lines I drew with the wrong end of a paintbrush.
#25: Number 24 quickly redone with my cheap image editing program. Normally I use the program just for turning images straight... :)

#26: Another one from the second patch. Painted the lines with paintbrush and fingers.
Afterwards lifting the paper I saw the ink blots. Didn't mean to make her cry, sigh...

#27: The last one from the second patch. Tried to leave some areas unsharp.

 #28:Continued the #27 with acrylics that I thinned down with water. I really like how the undertone and texture are dimly visible. Even though the area of mouth looks odd this seems better than the original.

#29: Finally I present an experiment of another kind, one that cheers me up! I mixed up two medium, oil pastels and watercolours. I also spread the pastels with some linseed oil. (I think she looks a bit like Lena Headey, the actor of Cersei Lannister in GoT.)

Thank you for all who have been visiting and commenting! You have made my day more than once and been very supportive! I hope I'll see you around. :)


  1. Wow! Very interesting storey and way to paint. I like to print because then I can always have some surprises.
    I like the first and the last very much and all between :-D

    1. The surprises are definitely part of this technique! Getting something unexpected was actually very liberating so I see why you like it. :)

  2. Bravo for experimentation! I have to say that I really really like the first one, with the red and blue, and black painted over it. I think that was very successful. I also really like #28, with the colors over the black. The undertone part really adds a lot of depth. The coolest thing about this kind of experimentation is that it adds things to your art repertoire that you'd never get any other way!

    ANd congratulations for finishing!

  3. Mielenkiintoisia maalauksia, tätä tapaa pitää itsekin kokeilla. Pidän erityisesti kasvoista 26 ja 28. Lady 29 on myös upea!
    Hyvä päätös, onnittelut!

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  5. I really like your experimental acrylic faces, especially the ones that you drew into the paint with the wrong end of the brush. The textures are very interesting in these faces.

  6. Very nice ~ one and all ~ here in this post and throughout the challenge. Yay for you, too, for completing it. I'm right behind ya!

  7. Wow, nice work here! such a cool variety. I really love the first one with the blues and oranges. Very abstract and cool. Congrats on finishing! :)

  8. Wauw, your portraits are cool!! So lovely watercolor faces and I think you have a great drawing skill. Your black and white faces are awesome!
    I have finished my 29 faces, so I now have some time to visit all the participants of the challenge :-)
    Have a great day!
    xxx Marianne MW

  9. I really like your use of color and flowers.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! The 29 Faces challenge was fun and it was inspiring to see so many creative works.
      Enjoyed seeing your work too. They were very joyful & cute!

      Unluckily I couldn't leave you a comment since the commenting was restricted.

  10. I liked number 25 most! (All blues are great!! ) Never done like you did with acrylic!!!

    1. Thanks! :) This truly was an odd experiment. I'm glad I tried it.


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