Monday, September 9, 2013

29 Faces #8

I planned to make something bigger with a harder medium last weekend, and on Sunday got started.

I chose the acrylic colours because the oil colours are nowhere to be found... (Must have packed and carried them to storage some time ago.)
I don't normally do the hole work with acrylic colours, rather just fix background or details.

I had this sketch from Friday as my starting point. I really liked it and wanted make more out of it.

And there was a little twist... At the time there came a documentary about Incas which gave an idea how to move on! Tonight after work and cooking I finally got finish this piece:

Unfortunately the scanner left the dress too red and bananas way too yellow. Anyway I must admit I'm surprised that this looks as good as it does! :-)

After working so long with one piece, I gave myself permission to relax the rest of this evening. I'm getting on with the challenge tomorrow. (Starting fresh with no plans!)


  1. That's fabulous! It's funny how my internal interpretation was so different from yours. Right away (based on your initial sketch), I pictured a blonde lady with flowers and then I scroll down to see your lovely dark haired beauty with fruit. Really nice!

  2. She is so wonderful. I want to travel to somewhere warm, to beach, have a bananas and cool drink:-)

    Acrylics colors are not very easy to painting potret because they dry too quickly. You have done very well. She is so frech and beautiful.

  3. The result of your working is a very vivid picture. Living.

  4. Great work, evokes a feeling of holiday

  5. I love this colourful lady she has a sweet welcoming smile. I find the same problem with scanning, that it alters the colours, which is very annoying. However, I still find this very good to look at, and your acrylic work is beautifully done.


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