Thursday, September 26, 2013

29 Faces #21 & #22

I do very little model sketches these days, so yesterday I decided to go for it.

First I found a newspaper photo of a man who has somewhat sour expression. It seemed almost exaggerated, thus perfect for drawing.
Face #21:

Then I chose a totally different person. This young Indian is from a collection of digitalized historical photographs. I saw the link in SL Scheibe's blog, thanks for the tip! The photograph was taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1905.
Face #22:


  1. Wow! Gorgeous sketches. These are really beautiful! I especially love the second one. It's so nicely rendered.Wonderful work. Glad you found the link handy. Those photos are awesome to use for reference :)

  2. Molemmat ovat todella hienosti onnistuneet, varjostus huipussaan, kasvot ovat eläväiset!

  3. Amaising portraits! Very well drawn looks. Great!

  4. Really nice sketches! I knew the first person without seeing the text. Amaising!


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