Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired but looking forward to this weekend!

I'm glad it's almost Friday!  I have to share exhausting tidings so you might understand my relief. Hope you won't mind...

In Tuesday morning I happened to spill some hot tea all over my keyboard and pile of craft things... What a mess! Luckily the keyboard now works, whew. It just needed a day to get dry. The craft things I had to throw away were only left-overs and few paper flowers, which was not so bad.

Back to Tuesday! Somehow I got in time to work but there were bad news waiting. A new exhibition of our project lacks the person keeping it open. So it's up to us to keep the exhibit open for citizens. It's not so bad but the days are getting longer than office hours.

And, naturally, we have to carry our current tasks along, blah... Well, enough about that. I'm happy that this will be over in few weeks.

Now some good news... This weekend I can compensate the lack of hobby time by going to a craft event! It's Passion for Crafting. Yay! :)

To get to right mood, let's put some pics at the end. Here are some old challenge cards from my other blog. I thought you might enjoy seeing them here because I continue to participate on this blog.

Here is my interpretation of Sunday Postcard Art's theme "Shabby Chic". Made in November 2011.

This one, made also in November 2011, is my first card for the It's all About the Vintage.

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