Sunday, September 14, 2014

Going through a Change for Better Life

The last month has been in a manner speaking windy. I have realized I need to do some changes in my live in order to feel well and have more energy.

As for now, nothing changes quickly. I work to save money to get where I want - living by myself. Sometimes admitting to yourself that your previous big decision does not work out is tough. I certainly took my time, wishing life with my ex would eventually get easier.

Allthough this is sad, it's a start for something new. I plan to find more ways to relax and listen to my inner voice.

My decision has opened my eyes for other changes too. Next week I'll go to a lecture to re-think my professional goals as well. That'll be exciting and motivating!

(Allthough creativeness tends to suffer when life gets windy, I found a medium for short bursts: The drawing in this posting I made with an application on my Samsung tab. Getting a grip of new instrument is more like playing, and thus relaxing.)

Take care of yourselves, xx

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