Sunday, November 18, 2012

Light and darkness

Now this comes a bit late, but I just had to share tonight's best part: the fireworks!

I took some photos for Inspiration Avenue's challenge "Look through a window and tell what you see". The first two photos were best of the week's shooting... Nothing interesting, I thought. The night comes so early in this time of the year in Finland.



But there's something good in this darkness:

The fireworks looked amazingly bright and lovely in the darkness! Even my boyfriend said they were quite romantic - what a charming comment, don't you think? ;-)

Thanks for looking!


  1. The fireworks are beautiful through your window. It is romantic! I usually view fireworks in the heat of summer. This view is very pretty-the weather seems sort of wet and cloudy, reminding me of Christmas lights in the sky.

  2. Interesting that this reminds you of Christmas lights! :) I think I'll take later some photos in Christmas time to see if there's something similar.


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