Friday, February 14, 2014

29 Faces 2014 #10 and #11

Hello! I hope your Valentine's day is better than mine. I'm behind the schedule because got some kind of infection this week - My doctor gave some antibiotics but feeling weak anyway. Hopefully the doctor soon finds out what this infection is and whether I have the right medicine.

Well, I'm taking easy, and keeping things simple. Today I tried to continue the challenge by re-drawing two old pencil drawings of mine. Used colour pens on black paper.

Now back to bed - I hope I can catch up everyone soon! x


  1. A nice variation. I like them.

  2. Äh, toivottavasti tauti talttuu pian!

    Kierrätys onnistunut hyvin, musta paperi antaa vaan niin upean taustan ja kontrastin!

    1. :-) Kiitos! Vielä on voimat vähissä, mutta kynä pysyi tänään kädessä.


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