Wednesday, February 19, 2014

29 Faces 2014 #16, 17, 18 and 19

This evening I was somewhat tired and decided to amuse myself with some doodled faces.

I used black ink with very thin brush for drawing the characters and coloured them with watercolours.

Feeling little better - animal drawings can be fun! :) Also one gentleman included - he's probably amazed by why he's there - it's because of the moustache, of course!

#16: A friendly lop-eared bunny

#17: A cat named Safir

#18: An English gentleman

#19: A sleeping mermaid

It is soon bedtime for me - I'll try to dream about being mermaid. ;)
Thank for looking!


  1. Kaunista ja herkkää jälkeä, sinulla on kevyt kosketus!

  2. Ihastuttavia kaikki, tykkään!

  3. Kauniita, herkkiä, ihania. Varsinkin tykkään tuosta englantilaisesta herrasmiehestä. Hyvä piirustuskäsi sinulla on.

  4. Absolutely adore these watercolor and ink compositions! I cannot decide if there is one I like all four Thank you for the message you left on my blog! Since I am new and don't know how these work yet I will leave my website address....

  5. Your watercolour pictures are so lovely.

  6. Oi! Miten ihania maalauksia täällä on. Varsinkin tuo nukkuva.

    1. Kiitoksia kehuista, Jipe :) Tässä blogissa on tosiaan tullut esiteltyä enemmän maalauksia ja piirroksia.


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