Sunday, February 16, 2014

29 Faces 2014 #14 and #15

Here are two more faces... I'm keeping a steady pace. :) Today I have also felt better, maybe I'll be in better shape soon, yay!

Number 14 looks little like a person I photographed few months ago. The hair is more festive though! It's interesting to surprise yourself by finding familiar features from a random drawing.

Number 15 is my try-out of a face of an older person. Very inspiring thing to go for! I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Thanks for visiting! I try to return the visits more now that the flu thing is giving up.


  1. I like most the colored version. It is a very living image. Good!

  2. Kaunis asento tuossa ylhäällä, niskan kaari näkyy herkkänä.

    On kyllä haasteellista piirtää/maalata vanhempia ihmisiä/miehiä/lapsia, huokaus. Olet kyllä onnistunut hyvin, tuo asento on myös hyvä.

  3. Your old person-drawing is fantastic!
    Love the colors...

  4. Sirkka, Susupetal and Marianne - thank you, your words lighten up my day! :-)


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