Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Art Journaling: Happiness

My first Art Journal got a second page lately. It's about reminding myself of steps to increase my happiness.

I take part to Inspiration Avenue's challenge with this page as it fits surprisingly well to the theme "Hearts and Trees".

I strongly link happiness and heart together. The heart shape was the starting point of my first drawing. The final shape with barely visible outlines is important. I wanted to leave out any barriers. The leaves came along in middle of the process. They say to me to go on, something good is going to grow out of listening yourself... :-)

And if you wonder - the main quotation is from a song (Secret) of Madonna, :) Started to listen her record after many years and somehow that line stroke me!

As for technique: I continued the earlier ink drawing with water-based acrylic colours. I'm surprised that the golden flower stamping seems to work! Took some risks with it...
The white gel pen was really useful when writing and finishing the page.


  1. Oh, and you should go to see other pieces of art made for Inspiration Avenue's challenge, they are really heart-warming! <3

  2. Hearts are a common bond between us all. Your painting is soft and full of tender love. Thank you for creating it.


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